Next Goals and plans for the future?

Hello Team
I want know what are your plans for the futur for Makeroid. What are you planning in short terms for Makeroid. (next Update)
And what are your plans fror long Terms.
Are there any Plans to make a Builder for both Platforms IOS and Android.?(like Thunkable X) Or only a Builder for IOS, or is there no plan for a IOS Builder?
What are your next big things what are in developing what you plan to integrate what is a huge thing.

Are there any plans for payable Funktions? Like a option where you can book a developer for an hour for personal asisst or so?

What can you say to the building Limit of 20MB, because in the past i read that you people have a plan to build bigger APPs as 20MB. What is the goal of that? 30MB 40MB or 100 like google allowed.

Blockchain is a huge thing at the moment. Are there any plans to intregrate some Blockchain features.?
If Yes what?

At the moment Makeroid have the most Components from all Builder but as all Builder is the Web Viewer a small Problem. Some Webpages cannot be displayed and the problem with the blank page and so on. Are there any plans or so tho make this WebViewer better? Is this possible? What i know , is the Viewer not a complete Browser and that is the Problem. Is there a possibility to integrate a full Browser? or a way to implement some features to make this Viewer a bit more like a full Browser.? Some Option like to read Java Scipt codes in the block Editor and so on.

Makeroid is not a open sSource Project. Why?
Why do you people dont want to make Makeroid open Source.? This could bring developer on the Platform.
Or why is it so.

At first of all i say thank you to this very useful and user friednly Platform. Your Team behind the Szene do/did a great job. I hope this will going on for the future.

Some developers already doing this.

AI2 team working on this. After they finished AI2 for iOS, Makeroid will add this too.