Next item does not got

when i click on search item it will open the content of that item but i click on next button it will open content of next item of main list rather than search list

Please explain more, what is going wrong? any errors?

if i click on next button it should open next label of search list

So what is going wrong???

it will open next label of main list

Uhh i am asking you what is going wrong and you keep repeating how it should work.

i am not understand what you want exactly, i told my problem

If you are i dont think you are explaining clearly -

As per your blocks those four label will have to show items from the index 1 to the length of the lIst…

Make sure you have initialised the global index with zero. Your blocks will work… do not expect new label to open… you will be see values in those four label according to the index

global index iniatlised with zero but still doesnt work

May be problem with your lists,

It is working smooth for me…

generally it work for global index but if anything search then it will change index and it does not get next item of search list

Then you are giving us irrelevant blocks…

Show us, what did you use for search item…

After searching if you get more items then create a one new variable and add the result items into it. Then do the same what do you use here.

Do not try to link this block with result. Try to understand how the block work first

You saved the result item in local variable then you can do with button, you must save it global list

Also you are showing the items in list. view then why do you want to use button click to next item

how to do that

As i told early create one global variable in that variable satore the item

is it right