NMD image editor strange behaviour

hello everyone
@Mika I am using this extension made by you. it was working perfectly for a month but suddenly. it started showing this strange bug. it is whenever you try to change the image it shows the previous image ( i mean the image doesn’t change). but when you change the save as image name it shows the new image. but previously it working fine without changing the save as image name. I just pick a new image and it was automatically replaced by new image and saves the image as a new one but recently we have to do it manually i mean any new image will only show if you change the save as image name. any idea why is this happening. need ur help pls.

Why are you using it as extension,its already available as a component.Its pretty obvious that its gonna behave strange


i checked and there is no component in kodular as image editor see this:-
the one that is highlighted is an imported extension that I was referring to and u can clearly see there is no other image editor. because if there was it should have shown in search result pretty obvious isn’t it.

The extension is overriding the component because they share the same name.

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removed the extension still no component of image editor
i think you guys should check properly.

I know which components we have…

After removing the extension, try refreshing the page.


I have checked it, after removing the extension component of Image_Editor the new component of Image Editor is not showing. Plz explain how to get Image Editor component.