Not able to change listview with image and text font size

hello everyone
I turned on the HTML title and subtitle property in the desginer menu of the list. now when i use below tags :-<font color="black";size="5">
only the color changes to black but the text size remains the same. I thought may the reason is tag is not usable in HTML 5. so I used style attribute in see below:-
<p style="color:blue;font-size:18px;">This is demo text</p>

but this doesn’t works at all neither changes the color nor the size. pls help me tell me what i am doing wrong.

You don’t need to place “;” in the html just remove this and try again

I already tried it but it didn’t work so i thought to add this ;

Remove this and try different method

Refer this article and other from this website:

i already used this article and the webiste states the same thing that i did on my post in this topic. but the method provided is not working.

What if you switch size from color,I mean first use size attribute then color see if it only change size or nothing

tried that too but still nothing change the size of the text remains same.

try this:


You are using css. It only supports basic html formatted text.

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CSS? Font size and colour are basic HTML attribute

I’m talking about this. Style attributes are used for for inline styling.The style attribute includes a series of CSS property and value pairs.

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You can change the color using:

<p><font color="#00f000">This is the text</font></p>

change the hexadecimal code 00f000 to the desired color

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