Not able to dismiss custom dialog

Send me aisa and apk in pm you can belive me I will delete it and not make it public

I think cancellebale true is for when you click on the screen where notifier is not placed it will automatically dismiss

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I cant provide you, there is only 1 screen and it’s the main one, also it contains some secret info and paid font awesome otf

No problem let me think

Yes you are right, sorry. I test this now

You need to provide more info show screenshot of all arrangement are click able , all arrangement are visible

Thanks @bestprintsf I set cancelable to true, when I click arrangement it dismiss, but not where the notifier is, i tried setting it to false, it didn’t work, But it’s only dismission when arrangement click, I dont know why it happened, there is a unknow issue with the creator, thanks all

The problem i see is, when you show notifier you can’t touch anything to dismiss.

Dont know i made a different project with all same but the result was different, you can show notifier you can dismiss, but not in my project, i dont know why,

Maybe if you add the newtwork component solved with Network on connect option

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Yes I have same problem with many things it does not works in my project but works in another project and I waste my 2-3 to find where I made mistake

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When I used image components

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Network on connect options you can detetec is the user enable wi-fi

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Where are Labe81 and Label82 located? In Horizontal Arrangement42?

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yes, you are right, but how you know

sorry in h41 label 81 and in h42 label 82

but why are you asking this??

I just had a guess. Now do one thing, remove/disable the click event from H41 and h42 and try again

Try with this blocks
blocks (5)

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But the problem is solved, but i will try it, if only the labels are clickable, it’s diffucult for the label to click on it, so i made the arrangements clickable