Not able to export apk

I am not able to export APK File. It is showing “Waiting for download link” from half an hour.

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You should give more info about your project if we want to help you.


Posting an image is not enough. Tell about your project like i asked.

Hopefully, try following methods :-
1 - Reconnect your network
2 - Close Kodular and reopen the project
3 - Open other browser and try
4 - Try switching your network
5 - Check your net speed, if it is causing the problem

I don’t think it has anything to do with this, but to be certain @Seema_Rani has to give more info.

Yes, i am just telling that this is what happened to me once and what i tried to solve. :grinning:

You should include-
Extensions Used
Your Network
What were you making
When did it happen

I unlist this for now without any further info.

To big project…

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Yes i am thinking that too but it has to be confirmed.