Not able to update my app

(Nep tech) #1

Today i tried to update my app but it shows this message and im not able to update

(Pavitra Golchha) #2

Update your app’s version code

(Akash Kashyap) #3

How to do so?

(Cian) #4

In designer, in Screen.


(Akash Kashyap) #5

Okay. So, we can just update the things & just change the Version Code & Version Name? And it should then be exported. Right??

(Cian) #6

as long as it is the same package name and a higher version, and signed with the same keystore, yes

(Akash Kashyap) #7

Okay. And what is keystore mate? And why do we need this? And how to use that?

(Cian) #8

It signs the app, is part of the APK building process, and helps ensure people do not create a replica.

(Akash Kashyap) #9

Okay, so how can I create a keystore? And it has to be created during the construction of the app or after the construction of the app?

(Cian) #10

It is created automatically when you create your first APK

(Akash Kashyap) #11

Okay. So, after that, if we update, it will have the same keystore. Isn’t it?
I mean to say that every app has a unique keystore. Right??

(Cian) #12

Every developer has their own keystore. Every app has a unique package name.

(Akash Kashyap) #13

Okay, now I got this. Thank you so much, mate.