Not able to update my app

Today i tried to update my app but it shows this message and im not able to update

Update your app’s version code

How to do so?

In designer, in Screen.


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Okay. So, we can just update the things & just change the Version Code & Version Name? And it should then be exported. Right??

as long as it is the same package name and a higher version, and signed with the same keystore, yes


Okay. And what is keystore mate? And why do we need this? And how to use that?

It signs the app, is part of the APK building process, and helps ensure people do not create a replica.

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Okay, so how can I create a keystore? And it has to be created during the construction of the app or after the construction of the app?

It is created automatically when you create your first APK

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Okay. So, after that, if we update, it will have the same keystore. Isn’t it?
I mean to say that every app has a unique keystore. Right??

Every developer has their own keystore. Every app has a unique package name.

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Okay, now I got this. Thank you so much, mate.