Not Showing Images in .apk

when i export the .apk, my app doesn’t showing the images. also the screen orientation is different from what shows in makeroid. sorry for my english. please help me.

Show your blocks please?

that are too much. not possible to show.

Hello Dear, we understand better with the blocks :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:

thank you for guidance.

You can set a specific screen orientation from here:

which is the best orientation?

It depends on what type of application is.

Isn’t it an earning app :thinking:
For this you can get you Admob account suspended.

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here is my blocks @David @Peter

i’m sorry but your project will be deleted ASAP. please be aware. Makroid doesn’t allow creating earning app

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please tell me about my problem.

Can we know what type of images are you using and what is there average size?

they all are small sizes.