Nothing keystore in my apk

no keystore
anyone can explain how to make a keystore?
I want to export a keystore but it’s not there

Have you ever exported your app for one time?
If not do it and then look there again.


If you open your Kodular account for the first time, you are correct:
there is no keystore, even after building your first APK.

You have to refresh the browser, to see (get) your keystore, which only associated with your account.


The keystore is not there (visible) after creating a new Kodular account for the first time, even not after exporting an AIA or building the APK, see here:


yes i already exported it once, and i received a message that was going to be deleted. and I can’t open it anymore, what’s in the cell, I’m afraid to delete it and lose my job. help me, as an agent gets in touch with someone kodular, do they have assistance? I need to resolve this soon to present the work in college.

Hello, which type of assistant you need we can help you to get ot of this.