Notification extension

But it may be don’t work without firebas?

it clearly shows that you didn’t try it, give it try
for this time I am telling you. It does not require firebase

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Can you give blocks example how to setup for app closing notification?

Try it yourself, it is easy or search on community/Google. This way you can learn more


how to setup for particular timer notification using users timer.
suppose that ,
one users received notify after 30 minutes
another users received notify after 60 minutes
and so on…

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head up to

Use firebase and clock for that

Can push notifications be sent through admin app to user app?

depends on your infrastructure and skills

Is there any solution? Like push notifications can be automaticallh send if a new row in airtable create

yes this is possible.

Can u tell me how?

first create a block arrangement to detect newly created row and then use REST API of one signal to send a automated msg. ( use get all rows to detect any new row)

this is basic hint now try yourself and if you face any problem i will help you.

Pls explain me i tried many ways… I didnt get solution… If u help with blocks it will be great​:pray::pray:

Show us what you tried so that it becomes more easy to help you

Will share it tomorrow…

can you make an example?

Example for what?

your message. "“Use firebase and clock for this” example in the avi file as blocks should be if the message needs to be sent for example 12.12.2020

This may help you.