Notifications not sended

Good morning, I tried to send notifications to an app test. It works as long as the app is open, but when I completely close the app, notifications are NOT received and if I open the app, queues are not received, they are lost. How do I have to solve it?

Can you share the apk?

App shut down while in memory works, removing it from memory, or ever open since I turned on the phone, they will not work.

Are you using any Antivirus or AppCleaner?
Those types of apps can block other apps to run in background to save memory, so notifications won’t work

No, I do not use apps of that kind, because they are themselves a virus :wink: :wink:

Thanks, barreeeiroo, In my Oneplus 3 I did not rule out the android DOZE app that runs battery power saving by reducing notifications from optimized apps. now works. ALL OK

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