Notifier Background Color

After upgrading from Kodular 1.5.2, the background color of the Notifier component does not work.
I compiled the same app in this new version and installed it on Android 5 and Android 11. On Android 11 it stopped working.

Android 5:

Android 11, after upgrading 1.5.2:

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Can you show us the block where you have used the change of color??

It is working fine in apk mode

Good morning,
At runtime it works on Android 11, but once I install it on the device, it doesn’t work anymore.

Didn’t work properly in companion after 1.5.2 update, but working fine in apk. See the above video.

In my case it worked at design time but not after I installed the apk. Are you sure your device is running Android 11?

Nope… already i posted my mobile model

I Have the same problem too. Android 11.