Notifier when external source is off

Hi there!

The app plays audio from an external streaming server.

The current notifier loads until the audio plays, but if there is no audio, or the external streaming server is stopped, the notifier keeps trying.

Can someone help me how to display a message when the streaming server is down?


Your post is incomplete. Is it playing media from an URL? If yes, can you please specify the difference within the source while playing and while not?

It is an internet radio, which sometimes stops broadcasting, so it is important to show a notice that the broadcast is not online.

I understand. Can you share the URL here or privately? I just trying to findout a difference between on and off mode within the url/web page. If we able to find, you’re ready to go!

I think the link is not completed I can’t find any internet radio link like https://54.587… its something like etc…try to check ur url

The correct URL is:

Your link is not working… kindly check…

I’ts correct, the streaming server is out of service, and that is why I want the app to show a warning, otherwise the notifier will keep trying to connect, as you see the notifier in the capture image above

I think the solution to what I am needing would be creating the instruction with snackbar. Any suggestion?

Try with web component, before playing !!!
web1 got text > if response Code = 200… server only
i haven’t tried this, but with logic this works…