Notify cancel hide keyboard

Hi Koders

i need to hide keyboard when press cancel in imput notify

How can I intercept the choice to cancel

Thanks !

You can use hide keyboard block from screen

yes of course but how do I know that he pressed cancel to use this block?

If you are using Show Choose Dialogue block from notified then you can use this event block for getting the user choice

If you are using another method then please post your blocks here so we can look.

si but if I use imput notify?


@stefano , then use this block to get click

yes i use this block but how can i know pressed cancel?

Set cancelable to false so when user press cancel then do … maybe store data somewhere ?

I cannot say that it will work because I don’t know that it will return cancel if cancelled in the response variable. But you can try once.

Your cancel button text is Annulla as I can see in your blocks.
Use the event blocks and then use equal block to match the cancel text like this


I try but don’t work

Try this


I tried but response is the user input and not Yes

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