Null Script Error

I have a message app. But in login and register screen when i write nothing and push the button, it writes “Runtime Error: Given String is empty or null”. I don’t want it. I tried diffrent solutions but nothing has changed. Do you help me? It is my app link removed my mod

Welcome to the community , in order to get help please provide your blocks and not a link to your apk. Also see

Show your blocks

Sorry i didn’t know. They are my blocks.

Sorry. I know only English. I think you enabled firebase authendication. So without completing this process you cannot go to the next screen.

My app is working but the problem in entry script. When i write entry field app stops the work

If your blocks are in eng I can try to help but I am unable to read your language

Hello! As I can see, you’ve used Firebase to create a register and login system. You need to check if the required fields are not empty, before executing Create Account and Login. Your problem will be solved.

It is english

I tried but it didn’t solve

Do this before Logging in and Signing up.

Thank you i trying

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You did not! :wink: This should solve the issue.

İ am not trying beacause the build server is full:(

I didn’t take not and is empty block:)