Number dot slideshow

Hello guys,
Any help me to make number dot in images slide …
If any one did already please share AIA file, ais file or block images…

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If you are telling about this

Then use this extension

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@Tikesh_Soni First you should search in community. If you not found then you can ask.
See here 1 example.

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I think this is not number slide show. May be it was like this In image there was number.

@Tikesh_Soni So, Please use this.

Olá a todos alguem pode me ajudar nessa imagem,não estou colocar a porcentagem e aparece essa mensagem em vermelho, alguém pode me ajudar essa duvida? Abraços Anderson

[Uploading: Captura de tela 2021-08-24 212433.png…]

Welcome to the community. Official language is English so please edit your post. As for your problem instead of 80 percentual put 80% or if you enabled Use percentage values by default in project’s preferenses then put 80