Number, step names

1.Help, I want to round the nearest ten or the nearest hundred in numbers with 2,3,4,5 digits. How can I do it.
2. Help, I want to divide the numbers into divisions (ones division, thousands division). how can I do it. thank you.

What have you tried so far? Have you searched the forum?

Yes, I tried. But I could not. There is no topic or topic related to this topic in the forum. Google Translate.

Divide your number by ten. Round to nearest whole number. Multiply by ten.

Same for hundred, thousand etc.

Do you mean separator eg 1,000 instead of 1000?

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You can do that with this extension

example : nearest ten; 65=70, 66=70, 67=70 64=60,63=60, 62=60
nearest hundred ; 2620 = 2600, 5321= 5300, 7648=7700, 1960=2000 like

random someone as an example 8521456, I want to sum up the numbers in this number one by one 8 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 31

google translate

Have you tried what I said?

yes i tried I made it wrong first. then your advice was great using (round). How can I sum up the numbers?

Where does the number come from? Is it chosen by a user or is it randomly generated by your app?

will be randomly created by the app

Create one digit at a time and add up all the digits.

Then combine the digits to get one number.

NumberLength is how many digits the number should have. So you can control how long the number should be or let it be randomly generated as in my example.

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Dear deanart2012, Thank you so much. I’ll try it right away.


Let me know if it works.