Number validation via SMS?

Hello community, does anyone know how send a verification code vía SMS when the user signs up with his number?

You can use firebase Auth Component which allows users to sign up with Google, phone number and more other sign up methods.

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You can use sms api to verify any phone number

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Do you know any free page that send SMS? Because txtloca for instance you have to pay

Im trying to validate through that option

It’s a template, the message shown in image will be sent to user how sign in with phone number. Click on Sign-in method and enabled it.

As @ramrajput200021said [quote=“ramrajput200021, post:2, topic:69263”]
firebase Auth Component

This is the best option to validate phone number.
You can use lots of SMS for free, and all in all it’s easy to use, no known bug, component available (better to use component instead of extension).
All you need to export google-services.json file

Guys I swear to god that the SMS is not being sent.

Enable phone number.

Enabled json.


I can’t see what you tried to quote friend!!

Did you used custom package name?

Yes, I did use it. Shouldnt have I?

It’s fine. Did you mentioned it on your firebase project while exporting google-services.json ?
Also your SHA1 key ?

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While exporting, yes I did mention. (As if I try to sign up with email it does work)

Second question I think I don’t understand what I have to do. Guess I’ve go to go here

And then maybe have to do something here?

I didn’t understand that language but you’ve mistaken on SHA1 key

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Thank you very very much.

I have no idea of what was SHA1 key. Will try it and get back as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m here to help you

Added the SHA1 key and still doesn’t work out. I’ve got this on firebase

and this on my app

Still don’t know why I can’t receive the message. My number is +54 9 11 6359 0199. I wrote it without spaces and I don’t receive anything. However, if I sign up with email, works perfectly.

Don’t share your phone number here…
And I’ll let you know if phone verification working and not after testing

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Thank you very much. I follow this video that shows it but i don’t know why it does not workout.

Thanks for your help!

p.S: Maybe is not working for some countries?

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