[O/S] Dynamic Calendar app using Dynamic component

This looks nice congrats :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Just in case someone finds it useful to make Calendar app :wink:

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Can we store any information on particular days and retrieve??
Eg, if I link this valet to show homework on specific days or marked as holiday… Something like that @UnknownBeast

I will need to make a new aix, I will use this library :

Ref :

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Good one… but this dynamic calendar will show or indicate event is there not in month or on particular date selection…

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Hey there. Thank you for the tips. I haven’t uploaded much in the past so I am somewhat new to this. I’ll go back to my post and add more information.

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V2.0 i have tried. Pls watch the video attached with this post.


can you give me jaidemo extenstion aix

Oh sorry, that is nothing but, tinydb only… that was for learning purpose. Sorry , accidentally i was added it seems in the aia. I feel sad for this

oh it’s ok… jaidemo & tinydb are same?

Yeah of course… it is appybuilder default code, which will give only tinydb (started to learn making extension, i was zero in js…So)


ok.but I can’t found components extensions

I used only dynamic components extensions

That’s why I named it as

|Dynamic calendar app V3.0|.

Can you create a dynamic_calender for my app :no_mouth:


  • Events deletion and editing the saved events possible
  • Operational speed increased

Dyna_calendar_4.0.apk (5.5 MB)]

√ Minor bug fixed -
(Upon deleting event it shows block color in all months of event stored date-[solved])


can you share the .aia file of v4.0

I don’t understand what it is in showed green box

Quite surprise to see that ine… pls try the updated one


I have tried this in android 8 but still happen when I click today button

I got it… let me fix it… also in your mobile the days are not fixed properly it seems… (let me fix that too)

Thank you @rashidcsm_ctg , :+1:

also i will resize the events font size.

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