Offer myself to help translating to Spanish, Catalan... Design

Hi everybody.
I feel I owe something to this comunity, I needed help a couple of times and i got a lot of it in a way I was surprised.
So anyone needing my skills?.
Graphic design, spanish, catalan. Just ask, and if I can do it I will.

Thanks for existing!!



Do you offer yourself without paying?
Also, I am not a very good designer, I have an app I would like to get better UI. It isn’t finished, but it is possible to make UI better.

I dont know wich category it should go. And yes I can do something to help without geting payed, as the help I got myself… it was also free.

eu posso trebalhar um pouco de graça certo. coisas simples sim.

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All we undertand, but it is also useful to everyone know what he was falando/talking about :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think he was trying to translate to pt-pt, once cataluña and Spain are closer to Portugal in relation to Brazil and i got PT flag so he tryed to talk to me.

I’ve changed the category, the #discuss category is for discussion about kodular and asking questions.however,The #marketplace category is a:

Specific category to sell or request services releated with Kodular, such us hire someone to do an app or offer your help. You can either set a price or discuss it later, or do it for free!

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I’m offering, aint I?. Cannot change category, i dont know why.
I’m not Brazilian, I’m catalan and I thought it was ok to repeat the same thing I had already said in portuguese this time. I’m aware english is the vehicular language here.

So You can change category to the one you think, but…

“…such us hire someone to do an app or offer your help” and this is what I’m doing.

Offering my help!!!.

and prefer Brazil to Portugal!!!, sorry

i was wrong with the category thing…