[Official Release] Rapid - Create Extensions Using Blocks

Congratulations !

It’s off, the whole screen is blank :frowning:

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for me tooo…

Same problem is happening with everyone

I thinks the builder is not active

is there any alternative

I don’t know if there is any alternative

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The author had told in telegram that he would be not active for the time being.

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me too same

@Mohamed_Tamer hi, why i cant open the builder?

it’s not working, please close this topic

close topic by ???

R.I.P :pensive: for rapid extension builder it is no more

R.i.p Rapid

No one else can take this over?

Great job @Mohamed_Tamer hope you will start it again by solving the issues , this will be the next evolution in the app drag builder industry. Good luck!!

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already not available