Offline Quiz App Done - AIA File and Tutorial

Offline Quiz App in Kodular - Free AIA - Quick Startapps

Hi guys in this tutorial i am showing you how to make quiz app in kodular, you can see first screen is our splash screen, after few seconds screen will go to main screen, where you can see question with their four options.
In main screen you can see on the top Statistic bar where all statistics showing you, Like question number, total questions, your total marks and your obtaining marks,
In the bottom of statistics bar you can see question label where app showing all questions one by one and also showing their four optional answers where you can select correct or wrong answer and at the end you will go to statistic screen where you see all statistic about your quiz competition and also view correct answers list.

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You did well, congrats.

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how to shuffle questions?

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This :point_down: reply of mine, from an another topic can help you.


1 more question, If i want to show correct answer just after pressing wrong answer what should i have to do ?

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Its matter of trying. Try first, what you can do.
If you are not able to achieve your result, then first search the community for the same and if still there is any problem then open a new topic in the community, with your query and showing what you have done.
Please don’t reply here. :slight_smile: :+1:


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