Ola pessoal presizo de ajuda runtime error stack size 8mB

ola pessoal estou tendo problemas com minha tela de cadastro ela trava e esta dando o sguinte erro runtime error stack size 8M sera que alguem pode me ajudar por favor

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sou novo aqui n sei mecher direto tem como vc fazer por mim

Use the Google translator. To edit Click on a pencil drawing on your first post, translate and change the text of your post.

ola guys I’m having problems with my registration screen it crashes and is giving the sguinte error runtime error stack size 8M will be that someone can help me please

If you don’t show the blocks I don’t think anyone can help you…

As you are new, maybe it will help you to read this:

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Check if this :point_down: is your case?

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Procedure should not be executed by it self as it creates endless loop and there by app crash…


Besides Runtime error size 8MB related to you device RAM… if your app eating too much RAM because of some condition in your blocks like looping, you will got this error

He was one and the same user, topics are now merged…

meu amigo era esse mesmo o problema tem mais uns erinhos a mais mais vou dar um jeito aqui esse era o mais importante

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