Old app and probably stupid idea

Well I have nothing to work on right now so I was thinking why not make something stupid but somewhat useful app for those whom have there app published but can’t get users due to some issues.

Yeah I know this is going to be an promotional app but lessen i thought it will be somewhat useful and yes this is not going to a compatition for those ad network out there. But this app will help those who don’t know much about using ad network to promote there app.

So this idea is an simple one ( make an app were other devlopers will be able to Post there app and other dev/users will be able to see and try there app and for doing that they will earn points and by earning those points they will be able to list there app on this app.

Disclaimer :- this is not an earning app so no one is earning money.

So as I were saying this app will allow others to distribute there app with others. And no I won’t be able to provide the aia so please don’t ask for that. And yes I have started working on that.)

So what do you think stupid idea isn’t it.:joy::ok_hand:

The idea is not even stupid, but will so many developers really use it?

Without going too far out on a limb here, I would say no.

Therefore I would say it a good stupid idea :upside_down_face:

I mean a smart idea but stupid at the same time​:joy: would have been smart only if you thought the app would be in the form of Google Play but it has more features I will explain what I mean there are a lot of students and people looking daily for the best applications in a certain field
I’ve noticed this on quora a lot, so why isn’t there an app that’s in the form of an explanation of all the app and the most important features and what’s inside it?
Here’s the idea that if you think about it for a while, you’ll know it’s possible that a lot of sub-ideas can come out of it.
and here will be those who download the app who really needs it or likes its content
And here, too, he’s going to be a real user, not like a youTube subscription exchange app.
Also I don’t think there is a developer working to make money he will keep Downloading applications and even if he Download it he will not use it