On premium still showing free

Hello team kodular,
Today i take kodular premium for a year but under creater showing free.

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This has been asked a lot of times. Please wait for a few hours (around 3 to 4) and your account will show that you are subscribed to premium.

You are pasting something you haven’t read.

3-4 hours was the time Diego gave five days ago.

It’s been five days and it’s still not working.

For now It’s still valid from time you got added to Premium lIst, which is 1.38PM

when will i get added to premium list.

I pay 3.50 dollars and showing in kodular… (you are subcribed kodular premium )but I can’t use kodular premium fetuses what is the solution
I export aia to app but showing purchase premium but I am already purchased Plz Help Me

My kodular connected email: removed by mod
Check My account and Help me

4 hours have passed and nothing has changed.

Can someone competent write exactly how long it takes?

The last thing the staff has mentioned to us is that it can take up to 4 hours.

However, may I ask you if you have done every necessary steps when a page isn’t loding properly.

I used two browsers. I have logged in 10 times.
I used the incognito mode.

Can more be done?

Since mine started instantly I had no opportunity to troubleshoot.

Try by logging out of both my.kodular and creator.kodular do Ctrl + F5 on both

Now try to log in first on my.kodular

I tried. It doesn’t do anything.
I still have a “free” plan in the editor

I’ll answer my question myself.

I was checking while sitting and testing all possible options every minute.
After exactly 8 hours (down to a minute) everything started working.

So there is either a timer or something else.

Same problem

Are you guys looting??
because i purchased the subscription and mine also shows a free plan!
I want a refund!