Once User Logined How to Restrict If Admin Deletes the User ID

you can atach the blocks of read and write inorder to delete the userid and password of the removed user

upsell_2 (1).aia (863.5 KB)

Working Fine, But once i delete that user in google sheet its keep on loading, there is no notify

very simple man, here i forget to add else block


Thanks a lot, It worked…


Hi There is a issue in this, after i upload the app in playstore while opening app for 1st time in User ID & PW automatically all user ID & PW appears automatically. Pls help

Check the screen initialise block

There is no change in initialise screen blocks, in apk there is no issue but after uploading to play store that issue appears…

Show me when web got text with id

Hi, Pls find below web got text blocks

I feel no need of this block, since it goes to autologin

Ok, But for below issue, this changes will work?


This response won’t obtain . You will see only circular progress only

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