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Bonjour la communauté. J’ai un petit besoin. J’ai créé une application qui Scan les QR Code et renvoie les données dans une base de données. Je voudrais donc un bip (son) après quand l’application scanne le QR code. Pouvez vous m’aider s’il vous plaît ?

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Hello community. I have a little need. I created an app that scans QR Codes and returns the data to a database. So I would like a beep (sound) after when the app scans the QR code. Can you help me please ?

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You could use sound component and after scan use play sound or use vibrate or both



when i try
It say error cannot play sound, only vibrate
could you help me, why error happen?

Can you show us what you have tried as well as the format of the sound file and how you set it as a source?

Have you set sound source ?

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Also check the volume too


This is my problem, havent set sound source.

Thank you

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