One Signal, active users but no subscribers?

Hi Guys, i was hoping someone could shed some light on this issue, I have updated an app but noticed the old one signal extension does not work anymore, so i took it off and the aab uploads fine, so then I created new firebase sender id and server info, went to test the app on my phone but i keep getting this error from the server ( images below attached ) i know the app is connecting to one signal as in the images below but just not sending, I am hoping someone can shed some light on the issue?

I thanks you in advance

Maybe it’s a good idea to post images of your relevant blocks. I just started using Onesignal with Kodular, but I can take a look and see if something pops up.

i only moved the push notifications block over and added the onesignal ID, the same app worked a month ago but i had to remove the one signal extension fix ?
it,s a basic webview app connected to one signal ?

I have changed the target SDK to 29 and it works fine on the on my phone, one signal works fine too I installed directly but google play won’t accept it ? unless SDK 31

one signal on target SDK 29

Yes, you got it

Why is there not somewhere that is common knowledge to get the extensions, I don’t mind the cost if it’s coung to save me money ?? Cheers

Common knowledge to get a paid extension is: first pay, then get the extension


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Is there an extension store here or anywhere ???

it seems to be, you are talking about this extension: [PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps

as mentioned in the first post of that thread, you can buy the extension here