One signal is not working

in my app one signal is not working

What is not working ? Describe your issue properly !!

I could see it working properly in my apps !!

actually i am sending a push message but it is not appearing in my mobile

Try setting Priority to High in OneSignal Site when sending push notifications


this advance setting is not free

This settings are visible here.
Who told you that those are not free ?

i dont know about collapce id and web puch topic! can you please let know to to get this id and how to use it

Just set priority to high no need to fill collapse id & web push topic !!

i just did it but then also no notification is coming

Did the notifications were coming before or you are setting it for first time ?

it is coming for another for this new app it is not coming

Try re-linking it once again !!


can you tell me how to secure my firebase database

Are the notifications coming now ?

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Or for a couple of moment, disable other apps and try… it will work

push notification not working in kodular fenix after putting ONESIGNAL APP ID

You should try to fill the OneSignal properties again and then try it. I don’t think the problem is of Kodular.

Sorry if I didn’t solve your issue

Eu ja fiz e refiz os tutoriais e pelo Onesignal não esta funcionando a notificação. Fazendo direto pelo Firebase, funciona.

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I’ve done and redid the tutorials and by Onesignal the notification is not working. Doing it directly through Firebase, it works.

Welcome to community, English is the official language. For now I translated your post but next time please follow communities rules.

Also push notifications do not work after Kodular’s latest release, it is a known bug, still waiting for a fix

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