One Signal Issue (Solved)

hello friends
It is not loging user i don’t know why i think you all can help me hoping for your quick support

I have tested This app in 5 device from which 2 were of redmi 2 of vivo and 1 oneplus nord

I don’t Know what is the issue pLease Help

thank you!
(apk file – )

Can you please show us your blocks?An apk isn’t enough.Also you need to tell us how you log in and sign up your users.Using firebase authentication?

AIA no.Show the blocks, not everyone has time to see .aia.


Ok sorry I will share it now

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Blocks relevant to the problem presented…

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Firebase Config
another block which may help

onesingle blocks

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Check if blocks inside clock timer end are working.

Everything is working if I remove onesingle block if I add onesingle nothing works

Weird behaviour! You can drop an example AIA if possible.

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Thanks. No possible reason found for this weird behaviour from blocks shared. Let’s check the aia.

Hi @rudresh_rajvansh
Well you can try this​:point_down:

Bcoz I also had an error with OneSignal…

Can I get dummy login details?

I am seeing a pattern when I removed one single now my app is also not working I think the latest kodular updates have some problem because the same aia was working fine with the old version of kodular

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So, after checking the AIA, I found everything normal. Though you need to improve blocks on various parts throughout the app. For an example, I can bypass OTP verification to reach the home screen.

Lastly, Onesignal is not creating any problem. It’s your logic that you need to work on.

The problem exists now also I have tested in 2 mobile login/signup not working

Hi, on previous reply, I tried to confirm community that there is no error found on onesignal after checking your AIA. But you’ve problem on login procedure you run. Also, having no problem with onesignal component does not mean your login problem will be solved. Check blocks again in login procedure.

See I have no issue with onesingle components but the login /signup is not working may be the kodular compiler have some error as in previous version of kodular everything was fine

It’s still working fine for me! Rather than onesignal, you should now check login / signup blocks.

Please share apk file may be my account issue