One Signal Subscribed Users Not Added and Push Notification Set Subscription Block is Not Working

It works when I replace sdk 30 with 29 with APK Easy Tool in AndroidManifest.xml and apktool.yml files until a solution is found.

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can we access AndroidManifest.xml with Kodular right?

i don’t know :unamused:

You could use APK Editor Studio, decompile apk, edit androidmanifest.xml and decompile apk. After that you have to convert/modify apk into aab file in order to target api 30 again using procedure posted below, if you wish to upload app to Play Store. Haven’t tested it to see if onesignal works after the convertion to api 30

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For now, I use enhance to fix the problem but it makes my app bigger. Not cool. Awaiting kodular fix


if i am not wrong then

Only happens If we update

Hi, Cheatex,

Do you mind letting me know the steps you followed at Enhance?
I tried enhancing my app with options a) push notifications and b) firebase. But when I transferred it to my phone it didn´t install.

Hi, Dora.
Do you know if there is some date expectation for this problem fixxing?

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hi. thank you for your help. This is the only method that works at the moment.

APK EDITOR STUDIO dll missing , help me please

Dear dev team,

can we have an ETA for this problem fix please ?

Some koders like me have apps using One Signal since years and, due to this regression, the apps are not working correctly anymore. Our customers are losing credibility against us and it is annoying for everybody.

Thanks for the work.



You can use FCM extension by @Sumit1334 to solve this issue until the problem is fixed

Thanks @ammar5287 ; I already saw this extension from @Sumit1334 ; the problem is : what about my 3K users (already) registered on One Signal ? :slight_smile:

you can use onesignal for old users for new users use FCM…

At the moment due to this issue at SDK 30 level (it was working in prior versions), I cannot send notifications to my One Signal users… so I’m stuck :frowning:

They all have this “Google play Services Library Error” as shown bellow (extract)

so push a new update with FCM instead for waiting for kodular update, Update your own app with FCM so that you can send notification and who has updated to ur new version, Instead for waiting work with alternate options so that the work is not stopped…

It’s 2022, they said it’s a bug that will be fixed I am still having some troubles, why so?

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Thank you, it finally worked, please pin this as solution!