One time firebase google authentication

i have successfully set up my firebase console and its file and setting in firebase and app both.
but i have problem that
i want that when users open my app for first time then it should ask to sign in with google and when user open app after first time then it sould login automatically in home screen

Explain your problem first with coding blocks images. Possibly your issue is with one time login system.

See your code first. Use One-Time-Login-System with TinyDB coding


actually i dont know how to set blocks for that therefore i ask in community can you please solve it and guide me

If u want u can show (post publicly or PM) your blocks si that I can help you.

Main principle…on successful registration store some value on tinyDB…and next time during registration check whether tinyDB has that value or not. If yes then directly forward to your desired page else start registration. Simple.

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if i dont know how to set block for that then how i can show you…
i m asking that how i can set that in my app

its not correct solution

it has been 1 month but theres no reply from kodular staff

You can use ‘is empty’ block instead

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can you give me aia please

You do not need aia file.
Just use when Screen initializes it check that given tiny db tag is empty or not.If empty then … else…

thanks everyone for your reply
i got a brilliant logic in my mind

If you found your solution then make that solution so others can get help.

i didn’t found the solution here…

Here is Answer,
Use this blocks.

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