One time sign up with firebase not working

Not working… Anybody can help me out ?? or suggest me next method.

Instead of saying “not working” you should give us more informations.

We can not see what you are trying without to see your blocks and used components.
We are no WIZARDS…

This is the block

your device id is empty. Null object is normally a empty tag project bucket or anything else. look if your device id gives you the device id. Maybe you test it with companion. Than i believe you wont get an device id. Same you cannot use firebase auth with companion.
YOu have to built your apk for the test

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Then how can I fixed I did get you properly.In Device id how can i give tag

Also, it will not work if you have not granted permission. I recommend you to manually check in settings for that.

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You’re completely wrong in this instance. The user has granted proper permission to the application as if they didn’t… It’d show a Nor user or [number] are running this or something close to that in a dialog. But yes @plang58 is correct. You can actually check if the tag contains the IMEI but not check if it’s a list.

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You are right plz give the permissions for accessing IMEI.

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