Onesignal Push Notification and Are Permission Grandted Block

(Pme) #1

Describe your issue

My apps need WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for runnig correct.If user apporove my permission request Are Permission Block return true.There is no problem with it.But if i add onesignal to my project and if user accept WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission Are Permission Granted block return false.Which permissions needed for Onesignal?

Is it possible add feature to see needed permissions?
Is it possible add request all needed permissions?

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add onesignal to your app and grand WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission and try switch orher screen with Button.

Button code
if = are permission grandted
open another screen

Expected Behaviour

Asking for Onesignal permiisons

(Pavitra Golchha) #2

Good idea! I had something like this in my mind a long time ago (and forgot about that).