Online images are not loading in image component

I want show user profile image in profile page of my app. So, I store user profile picture while google login and it is stored in tiny db.
But when i want to load this image through that url in image component it is not showing image.
I also searched over this community and tried loading image by pedroza glide extension and asyncimageloader. but it is not oading image. :worried:
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Where is the image URL…
There I can see image name only…


You can see there I’m retrieving url from tiny db

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Did you stored the url in tiny db… Where are the block?

AS i said it is stored when user login and then i want to show the image
and it is also not loading firebase stores image url

You still haven’t shown how you safe your url and how it looks.


have you solved this problem? because im having the same problem.
the image components do not show the generated qr code. any idea why? thanks a lot.
here 's the block