Only web body in webview no header and footer

i want only show the body part to webview .

website like

please give the proper blocks to this web


How to use this in kodular

You would use a webviewer component and an html file (perhaps a webviewstring for re-use). You may need to provide the jquery library in the same directory as your html file

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That was not an proper way to create web 2 app

ok help me

do you have permission from the owner of that webpage to remove header and footer to display only the body in your app?
if I were the owner of that webpage, I would not like it very much what you are doing…


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Then show the “proper” way…

I have a similar problem, i need to fetch PDF’s from google drive by using webviewer, but the header seems to eat up a lot of space on smaller devices, is there any way to remove or hide it.

Please see the images attached.

I don’t think this is possible, I might be wrong…
alternatively you could download the pdf file and use the activity starter solution or a pdf extension
How to view a pdf document


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I own a google site and I have same problem, I want to hide my header can any one help.