Onsignal push notification,Help me please

I try to put onsignal push notification in my app.i want to do is if i put data in the table of my dabata manually I want to sent a push notification to my user.how to do and where I put this blocks and where is my mistake

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Can you give a title to your topic that reflects your question? And post and image of your blocks not a photo.

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if your id and key are correct then try setting group key to 1 and group message to app name.

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ok i will try

yes have you set firebase and one signal correctly?

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i put firebase and one signal correctly.but i want to know is what is the index.what I have to put in index.is it my blocks correct.

i put data manually in my database broo.

here index will be the which item from list you want to send as message, like if your list has 10 names and you want to send a name to users as notification then you have to choose index of that name , it will work on a list view when you click on a list view then you can set index of selected item.

Please clear my confusion if I want to sent the fist number of this database what is the index of the tile,image.please tell me…I have a confusion in this

well if you get all data by rows, then index will be 1 as you have used,

ok thank you very much.

help me anyone please my blocks its not working.

Are you using an extension.

@tournamentas007 yes broo

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