"Ooops! We tripped on a Bug!" message and "DX execution failed" error

instead of too much screens you can use vertical arrangement they are best alternatives to screens

it s true that i have a lot of arrangements, but i can t do without them. only 9 screens. no way to get around this problem using an other arrangement exention or else ?

Reduce the screens if possible. Use Virtual screens(arrangements) instead.

Also, upload your project at Unchive to see what other components you are using in large numbers and also post the results here

8 screen are a lot screens

I suggest you should use Dynamic Component Extension to create components like labels, textboxes, spaces, button, list pickers etc

Also reduce the use of arrangements where-ever possible. Instead use them to create virtual screens, so that the number of screens will also reduce.


If when opening your project, it says something like “Any changes made won’t save” and you go into the blocks with something that’s red, then your AIA is corrupt and it is easy to fix.

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does someone knoiw if it s the same problem with app inventor, thunkable ?

thunkable does not have errors like in kodular i think but in app inventor there are same problems

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Wow! I did not expect so many components, still depends on your design and I can only assume that you have hardcoded your app with all those blocks and components…

You would have to

  • some redesign
  • reuse your components
  • etc…

Please don’t compare Thunkable with either Kodular or App Inventor as it is totally different builder/functionality…


The title is misleading. It should be called “I cannot build apk error”.

But is it normal, that it works good with compagnon then ?

Yes that’s right, as companion only simulate one screen at the time and thereby it works.


there is no way to ask people who take care of kodular to push these limits of layouts and blocks?

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did you try

I will when i ll be back at home today.why ? Is there any thing different ?

Do youet know what sets the layout and arrange ment number limit ?

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I really don’t think your issue is regarding layouts and blocks.

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I think it happens when I add an arrangement or another screen, even empty

I add a lot of blocks to try and if works well. So, it s only when I add arrangements.