Open another app (in "new window")?

Hi to all,
i try to open another app within my current app.
With the ActivityStarter it works well.

But… the other app opens always in the same “window”.

Is it possible to open the other app in a “new window”? I hope i explained it correct what my aim is…

Kind regards,

you can open another app only once and not several times


I will suggest you to move your new projects to Kodular.

Thanks for your answer.
I think my explanation was not a good one.

The “new” app opens in the same task like the app that the Activity started.
But i want that the app start a new task and not inside the starting app…


i have the same problem when am trying to launch the default launcher by clicking on button on my app . i want also the start the activity outside my app. we have the same problem i hope someone can help.

use deep host’s app launcher extension