Open another screen is not working

Describe your issue

I got an issue in open another screen block it does not open another screen and crash my app.

Expected Behavior

I expected it will open another screen when I click on my Arrangements, Images, and Labels also.

Actual Behavior

it does not open another screen and crash my app.

Show your Blocks

Android version

I have tested it on Android 9.0, 6.0 and 5.0 also.

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Everything is totally fine with the Open another screen block. You should play around with the clock component to eliminate the issue.



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No bro I have checked it with the normal block it crashed my apps every time I am so confused .

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Make changes in your Block.

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Maybe he is making…:grinning:

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What changes bro

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I have changed my blocks :-

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It is not working properly can any one help me ?

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Create a simple .aia with 2 screens, 1 button on each to switch back and forth between screens. That way, you’ll better know if switching screens is working or not

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Sir, I fix my problem. It happens by Google Maps. I request to :kodular: Kodular Staff to Fix it fast I mean in new update.

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The thread is about opening another screen. Where does the map component fit here?? Please provide more info on your findings and the issue

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I found it when I remove the Google Maps Component from my another screen which I want to open then It will open my another screen correctly.

Note : It does not when you use Google Maps in their another screen which he/she want to open.

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I have the same problem, I am not using maps on another screen, any solution?

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@wellingtonvieira-22 can you put together a simple .aia to show the issue?

yeah wait for some time I will do it
Thanks !

If I create a simple aia without many features the error does not occur.

From screen 2 with a side menu with an option to open screen 3 the error occurs and the app closes. from screen 2 to screen 1 opens normally, if I disable all blocks from screen 3 opens normally,
from screen 1 to open screen 3 error occurs, screen 1 has no side menu.

the blocks of screen 3

You have multiple sliders



no possible