Open another screen name block have bug

I just try to switching screen here my blocks
When button click
Open another screen name - Screen2.
When I try this then again and again open screen 2 without stop like loop .anyone know how to solve.


Please show your blocks. And read the link provided.

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you need to show block related to open screen, and do read the following

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I told you my blocks very simple
When button 1 click open another screen - Screen2 that’s it

That should work perfectly. But since it doesn’t, you must have something other than that going on.

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then how you handle “when screen2 initialize”?

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When Screen2.Initialize{
    open another screen (screenName = "Screen2");



Seriously @

Screen 2 initialize have only airtable get cell block that’s it

Then you shouldn’t be getting the problem. :man_shrugging:

Yes but I have problem that’s why I m here .

This works absolutely fine, and from the information @teyeg has shared, it’s what causes the problem in their case.

ScreenOpenTest.aia (2.1 KB)
ScreenOpenTest.apk (4.8 MB)

Btwl I import AIA from appybuilder.

That would be something you should tell in your first post. Builders are to different to just import and use.


But now I create a new project add simple blocks
When button click open another screen still same problem come again and again screen 2 open without stop

Are you working in the companion? If not install the apk and try again.

I test in my mobile I generate qr code for app and install in my mobile .

Here is video 20190830-175705-720x1440.mp4 (1.7 MB)

Sorry i don’t have time to download mp4 and watch it. Why not tell what is happening.

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