Open another screen not work in phone but in companion work

Hi. i make app for mappinng, i want to put some polygon. i have problem when go export to apk my project the function open another screen not working. The Apk crash but in companion is really good. when i try delete Feature Collection is work when i export it again to apk. but i need the feature collection. can someone help me, this is for my project in the school.

Try to use the text block where you fix the name of the new screen.

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i have tried it, any idea or solution?

Try it

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i have tried it, and still crash, any solution please?

Do logcat to find actual reason for the crash

Hello! Try to use “if then else” instead of 3 if, because when you open another screen, the code of the first screen keeps running.Try to rule out.

I think i found the eror is 3404, anybody know how to solve this error please?


Due to this you get json error too

yap, so what i must gonna do to fix it?