Open another screen not work

Is firebase authen working in companion??
Convert into apk and test also add rules if the username and owd text boxes empty on clicking login button with an errror

I know firebase auth not working in companion. About rules the text i do this

Hello, the problem still continues could you explain to me how will I find the problem with logcat? I’ve never worked with this app

edit: Deletes the screen. I redid it again but without firebase and extensions and it still doesn’t open the next screen.

Do you wish to post your aia here?

yana.aia (243.2 KB)

This is a fine project for my school

Also check if in all your screens about screen title is not empty


I should put the screen names then, as they are all without

From first look in screen cad_pessoa you use spinners and elements from strind is empty that causes crash in apk


About this I get the information from the database so I don’t put anything

I use the acronyms placed to search the cities found in this state that is represented by the acronyms

Try this
yana_1.aia (243.1 KB)

It’s stuck on splash page

What I don’t understand because the apk doesn’t work but the companion does

For me I compiled and …

Maybe the issue it that you are testing on bluestacks and not in a real phone

ok im going test my phone

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Thank you it worked. I won’t be resolved at the moment because I’m going to finish this page and if there is any error related to this I will return ok?

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Don’t forget to check this list otherwise you will have crash issues if some properties in designer are left empty


This solution is works for me… I look everywhere for this solution