Open Another Screen Using Custom Listview

Hiii Friend…help me please…
How to create block in Screen 1 to open screen 2 using “make a list” ? (i use custom list view)
and how to create block in screen 2 ?

If you want data to transfer from one to another screen, use Open Another Screen With Start Value block.

I has Create This Block in screen 1

so, what block in screen 2?

I marked the data that are ready to use on Screen2…

What do you want to do on Screen2?

what block in screen “blog” ?

Name of Screen2 or the screen you want to open.

Do have example of Block when you using Custom List View ?
may i get it?

Dude, I asked what you want to do in Screen2?

Use start value block on screen2 and it will be a list so you have to use select list item block.

when i click right icon in screen 1, web view in screen 2 open the URL

Set a webviewer on screen2… And, Transfer URLs from Screen1… And, Open that URL on screen2…

If it seems complicated for you, let me know. I will send the example blocks.

may i get example blocks?

Screen1 Blocks

Screen2 Blocks

Thank very much dude
i will try to using this block

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yes , he modified the blocks :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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