Open another screen with advance technic

Hi Makeroid Team,

i want to open another screen with advanced technic.

i want to open screen through webview link.

For Example: when click on link then open the website. same like this open another screen with start value.

I think it is possible through html & javascript.

Whats Your Opinion ?

do you mean “open another screen with start value” and " get start value" ?

read my question carefully. i want open another screen trought webview link with start value.

Do you mean something like this?

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No Dear, i want open another screen when click on webview link with start value

yes, this is explained there
you just have to use open screen name with value instead of open screen name in the blocks given there

This is note my solution dude.

pehle padh to dhang se lo question ko. mai custom link se screen open karna chahta hun na ki block se ok. aage se padh ke jabab dena ok.

If you open a particular link then you can open another screen.

bhai mujhe start value ke sath kholni hai another screen or wo link hamesha same nahi rahega