Open app with a website link

Hello kodular experts Is there any way to open app targeted screen with referral link like https://domain.tld/reftextcode
referral text should be add in ref textbox like reftextcode!

You don’t understand, I said if user Run ref link in any web browser It should redirect to My app Register screen Also fill the ref textbox with the referral text

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Use deeplink

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Okey but how my website will redirect to my app

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I don’t thnik thats :kodular: odular’s part… Google is your friend…

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Read the Guide I linked. When you open the Link on you Phone, the phone will try to open it in you App.

Why not? Deeplink is a App Function that has to programmed in Kodular.

And you don’t have to sign you Post your Name is standing above it :wink:

thats what I wanna say.
I don’t have much knowledge about that but, I think He wants that his app should directly open from his own website ; and according to me that would be his website’s coding part not kodular’s…[ not sure]


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Not working yet If i write anything after domain like it show’s me error page What should i do?

What you deleted

Wrote by mistake in this form… I was writing in another one… :sweat_smile:

Oh okey Do you know how to redirect user in to app from website?

Not really,… But I think that requires a deeplink generated and then using that deeplink in your website’s coding something like that…
oo ya;
Go through these:

  1. deeplinkimplementation

  2. deeplink support in your application? - Guides - Kodular Community

These may help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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