Open & Close Button

Hello all, I have two buttons one for Open and the other for Close. I need that when the Open button is pressed it cant be pressed again until the Close button is pressed and the same thing backward, if the Open button hasn’t been pressed the Close button can’t be pressed. Any sugestion?

Use TinyDB… Hope this was a good suggestion.

You can do something like this maybe?


Or you can use Visible blocks :slight_smile:

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This :point_up: can be done in two ways :point_down:

1. By using two buttons (as you want). See image below


Note that, the blocks for changing the background colors are optional and are only used for visual understanding

2. By using only single button :point_down:


Note that,

  1. In the image above, by default the text on the button is set to ‘Open’
  2. And also the Notifier block is optional and you can change the same with whatever activity you would like to perform instead

Edit: The second method mentioned above is somewhat similar to that of @Choofa which he has mentioned in his reply above. I noticed it now, sorry


Perfect it worked great!! thanks to all for your time and knowledge!