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I have developed my web2apk shopping app in Kodular and have published on play store (

In this app I have kept one feature that the user can share product links with their family and friends but the issue is that when they open this link, it opens in web browser instead of opening in my app.

please help

Milind Padshah

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You have to use this component and block for this purpose:

Thanks for your prompt reply. Let me try, if I can not make it the I will ask your help for arranging blocks. Thanks once again.

Milind Padshah


I tried opening url link in my app but it’s not opening.

I will explain it again what I want.

I want to open my shared link in my app. for example I have shared My Shop Prime this product link to any one and if they have installed my app then this link should open in my app and that is MT Fashion Street

Milind Padshah

I think you’re talking about “deep linking.” That is as far as I know, not available / possible with Kodular, AI2, …


Yes that can be done only by Deeplink but that isn’t possible at the moment.

maybe this can help you. Deep Links in a WebViewer - ExtensionDevelopment - AppyBuilder

See here:

That topic is for opening another app from App Inventor app.

But the topic author wants to open app from other apps with an app specific URL.

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You can do Deeplink, but only to open the application, eg from a browser, and not to open a particular screen. You can do it very easily using Dynamic Link in your Firebase console. Be sure to upload your google-service.json file.

Thanks for your reply. I think this should work