Open More Apps By Developer On Button Click!

How To Open Play Store And See More Apps On Button Click?

Using Activity Starter You Can Make It Easily

Set Action To android.intent.action.VIEW

Set URL to your playstore url

if It Still Opening In Brouser Just Set

Set Activity Package To

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I Did But It Just Opens A Browser Not Play Store.

Show You Blocks And Result

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Okay I’m Just Taking Screenshot.

Here Is Screenshots:

Settings And The Settings Are Same With Blocks.

And It Just Opens Samsung Internet.

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What is Result Showing ?

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Opens The Browser Then Shows The Apps

But I Want It To Open Play Store And Show Apps.

Look Up Here

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I Did Do That And Still Not Working.

So My Be Problem In Your Android Setting

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No I Check But It Is Right Settings.

And It Gives Error 601: No Corresponding Activity Was Found.

When I Click On The Button.

Your device recognise browser for playstore links, now you need to restore apps defaults… after this… then you will see list of apps which can open play store type link… then choose play store app and click always use :wink:

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Okay Thanks And You Are Right!

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