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Hello everyone,
I am working on chatting app .so, I don’t know one thing that
How to show sender profile when receiver click on his username
Please anyone suggest me something

Set that label click able and then if you want to create custom notified you can do it forward to another screen

Not just forword to another screen I need to forword him/her to selected user profile

For this you need to create a empty view so that when user click to user icon
Your app fetchs data from firebase or other and show it in that view

Can u tell what to do
I mean what to store and what to get value

So you want me to create a app for you so that you can rename it and publish it !!

Are you joking​:joy:

Ok I understood
But how to set selected user details in that view?

Noo not at all

No I am just asking for idea that’s it

I think you are new and some of your basics are unclear
Read guides and spent time in reading post
Annd read the book suggested by @taifun

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No I am just asking that how to set selected user details in that view

Firstly the Question arises that have you created the sign up form with database(firebase/airtable/mysql or etc etc)
so that you can store the user details for later use??

then only we can do something for you :smiley: :smiley: :thinking:

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Thats why you need to learn the basics, you are actually not understanding what they say, which is the basics.

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